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Gold Star Family Support™ Announcements
If it's new on the web site, you'll find it on one of our announcement pages! Different topics will be of interest to you throughout your Marine's career. Chose from the categories of Marine Parents' web sites to the right. The most recent announcements will be at the top.

 Thank You For Helping Us Reach Our Goal!
Added May 6, 2015

On May 6, 2006, Lance Corporal Leon B. Deraps of Jamestown, Missouri made the ultimate sacrifice for his country while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province, Iraq.

To honor Leon, his family (longtime Marine Parents pack day volunteers), along with the Moniteau County C-1, Jamestown-area high school FFA, set up a scholarship fund in his name in late 2006. Since its foundation, the fund has awarded $1,000 scholarships to more than 30 Jamestown high school graduates.

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 Run For the Fallen
Added August 27, 2014

September 20 and 21, 2014, will mark the 7th annual "Run For the Fallen" in Tampa, Florida. Tributes to Floridians who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan will be on display in Veteran's Memorial Park (3602 US Hwy 301 Tampa, FL 33619) from September 14-21, and will culminate with a two-day event and the 20th and 21st.

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 Vote for Lisa Anderson, Gold Star Mother
Added July 31, 2014

Lisa Anderson is a Gold Star Mother and longtime Marine Parents supporter. Her son Nicholas, a Lance Corporal, was KIA in Iraq in 2004, and Lisa took up running to help with the greving process. In the decade since, Lisa has participated in many races, including marathons and triathalons, in memory of her son. Now, Lisa has been entered in a contest to be featured on the cover of Runner's World magazine.

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 2014 LCpl Leon Deraps Memorial Scholarship Walk/Run
Added May 22, 2014

The sixth annual five-mile LCpl Leon B. Deraps Scholarship Walk was held May 10, 2014 in Jamestown. The event, which is open to walkers, runners, bicyclists and motorcycle riders, benefits the Leon B. Deraps Memorial Scholarship Fund and this year, Marine Parents donated almost $700 raised at our April 26 Care Package Project™ pack day.

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 Fishing Tournament Supports Wounded Heroes
Added May 16, 2014

The sixth annual Marines Helping Marines Fishing Tournament will be taking place tomorrow, May 17,at the Anchor Marina in the town of North-East, Maryland. The tournament pairs wounded and recovering Marines with professional anglers for a day of fun on the water. A welcome dinner for the Marines will be held the night before the tournament, with a banquet dinner provided by Hollywood Casino and after the day of fishing ends, the Nauti Goose Saloon will be hosting a barbeque for the Marines. Prizes will be given throughout the day.

Click here to learn more about the 2014 Marines Helping Marines Fishing Tournament...

 Assistance for Collins Family
Added October 8, 2013

The government may find it acceptable to abandon military families during times of tragedy, but we donít, and we know that many of you donít either. So please, help us do what the government wonít as we try to ease the suffering of this Gold Star family.

This past Saturday, October 5, 2013, Lance Cpl. Jeremiah M. Collins, Jr., 19, of Milwaukee, Wis., died while supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He was assigned to Combat Logistics Regiment 2, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C. LCpl. Collinsí body arrived in Dover yesterday, October 7. Due to the shutdown, it is unclear if his parents will be able to meet their sonís coffin in Dover. The funeral costs will be out of their own pockets. While the Marine Corps is providing the support they can, the government has essentially abandoned the Collins family, deeming their son worthy to fight for his country, to die for his country, but not worthy of having monetary assistance (as promised by contract) provided for his family until the government ends their childish standoff. We think this is an outrage.

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 Second Annual Jordan Beastean Remembrance Shindig
Added September 27, 2013

The Second Annual Jordan Beastean Remembrance Shindig will be held on October 26, 2013 in memory of LCpl. Jordan S. Bastean, who died October 23, 2011 while serving in Afghanistan.

This event will be a family fun day open to those who knew and loved Jordan, as well as the general public. The primary focus of the event is to raise funds that will be used to start a scholarship in Jordanís name at Pekin Community High School.

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 "Remembering Our Fallen" Wall/Photo Exhibition Tribute
Added September 17, 2013

The ďRemembering Our FallenĒ wall is a photo display sponsored by Bellevue University, located in Bellevue, Nebraska, that tours the country in honor of members of the military service who have died from wounds suffered in war zones since September 11, 2001.

In the Dillard's wing of Columbia Mall, from September 24 - 30, will host the "Remembering Our Fallen" exhibit which will include photos of and tributes to service members who have lost their lives since 9/11.

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 3rd Annual LCpl. Layton Crass Memorial Bike Run
Added June 3, 2013

The third annual bike ride in memory of LCpl Layton Crass will be held on July 21, 2013 in Richmond, IN. LCpl. Crass was killed in Afghanistan on June 14, 2008. This bike run is held to honor him, and his fellow warriors of 2nd Battalion/7th Marines who lost their lives or were wounded, in OIF 2007 and OEF 2008, and those who suffer from PTSD.

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 2013 LCpl Leon Deraps Memorial Scholarship Walk/Run
Added May 6, 2013

On May 6, 2006, Lance Corporal Leon B. Deraps of Jamestown, Missouri made the ultimate sacrifice for his country while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province, Iraq.

To honor Leon, his family, along with the Moniteau County C-1, Jamestown-area high school FFA, set up a scholarship fund in his name in late 2006. Since its foundation, the fund has awarded $1,000 scholarships to approximately 20 Jamestown high school graduates, with 5 more being handed out this year.

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Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial  Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial
Added March 30, 2011

In 2003, a group of neighbors in Irvine, CA came together to erect a temporary memorial for fallen heroes of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Several public ceremonies were held at the memorial from May to July 2003. The memorial was then taken down, rebuilt for a ceremony on September 11th, and dismantled again.

Finally, in 2010, the group of neighbors joined with the city of Irvine in assembling a permanent version of the nation's only memorial dedicated exclusively to listing the names of each fallen hero from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

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Gold Star Families Recognized at Freedom Concerts
 Gold Star Families Recognized at Freedom Concerts
Added September 20, 2010

For the second year in a row, several of our Gold Star family members attended Freedom Concerts at various locations across the country. The Freedom Alliance sponsors these concerts and the proceeds are used to provide scholarships to the children of service members who were either killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty.

On August 7, 2010, one of these concerts was held in Cincinnati at Kings Island, and the Gold Star parents of LCpl. Taylor B. Prazynski (KIA 5/9/2005 OIF), John and Carol Prazynski, attended as honored guests. After the concert John contacted Marine Parents and explained how special the day was.
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2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade
 Remember Our Fallen Heroes
Added April 26, 2010

Sixteen Marine Corps ground and air units, all part of 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, deployed to Afghanistan last year and took part in Operation Khanjar (Strike of the Sword).

This Friday, April 30, 2010, at 10:00 am, a memorial service will be held at Camp Lejeune to honor the Fallen Warriors of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade and many families of the Fallen Heroes will be in attendance.

Where ever you are Friday morning, please take a moment to remember our Fallen Heroes and say a prayer for their families.

LCpl Matthew Snyder
 Gold Star Father Battles Protesters in Court
Added April 2, 2010

Many of you have likely heard Gold Star Father Albert Snyderís story as it recently gained significant media coverage. We compiled a partial list of articles, as well as the recent decision from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, for your review so you can stay informed. This case is one to follow as it affects Gold Star families and has now made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Visit our webpage and stay tuned.
Click here to learn more about Albert Snyder v. Fred W. Phelps, Sr.

Pepsi Refresh  Give One Minute a Day for Wounded Warriors
Added April 1, 2010

Attention Marine families and supporters! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The Marine Parents outreach program, Purple Heart Hero Support™, is in the running for a $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Project grant and we need your vote to win the competition!

With the Pepsi Grant, we will be able to turn our 200 meals a year served in 2 hospitals into 20,000 meals served a year in 4 hospitals. There are many great ideas out there, but who could be a more worthy recipient than our Wounded Warriors and their families?

Take one minute a day to vote for our Wounded Warriors!

Click here to watch the You Tube video and learn how to vote!

Gold Star Mother
 Gold Star Mother's Day Luminary
Added September 22, 2009

When we think of our Fallen Heroes, and the mothers and family members mourning their loss, finding words to express our sorrow can be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

This Sunday, September 27th, is Gold Star Motherís Day. Though words are hard to find, there is something we can do on this very important day of observance. Join us this Sunday and honor the families of our Fallen Heroes - display a Gold Star luminary.
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 Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
Added September 16, 2009

"Honoring Marines by Educating Their Children"

The mission of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships for higher education to deserving sons and daughters of Marines and children of former Marines, with particular attention being given to children whose parent was killed or wounded in action.
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 Soldier Ride
Added June 17, 2009

The second annual Soldier Ride will be held on July 25, 2009 in The Hamptons, Long Island NY. The event is being held in memory of Marine Lance Corporal Jordan C. Haerter of Sag Harbor, NY who was killed in action in Ramadi, Iraq on April 22, 2008.
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 Policy Change for Transport
Updated April 7, 2009

This Week in the Pentagon March 27 edition takes a look at the Defense Department's change in policy when showing the return of fallen troops.
This Week in the Pentagon
To read the American Forces Press Service article "Gates Signs Policy Change for Dignified Transfer Operations at Dover," Click here...

 Fallen Heroes Ceremony
Added March 19, 2009

The Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 125 Fenton, Missouri is planning a Fallen Heroes ceremony honoring area Fallen Heroes and their families. They will honor nineteen Fallen Heroes and their families. The ceremony will be held on March 21, 2009 at 2:00 PM.
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 Free Airfare to TAPS in May!
Added January 27, 2009

TAPS is proud to sponsor free air travel for those participants who need financial assistance to attend the national seminar. There are a limited number of airline tickets, and they are available on a first come, first served basis.
DEADLINE to apply is February 1st, 2009.
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